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Can short toes or fingers be fixed even when I am old?
Yes! It is possible. We have treated 67 years old before. Surely, young people generally recover faster and the treatment period is shorter. However it does not mean we cannot treat elders
How is it possible to fix the elders?
Treating toes is not like simply pulling a rubber band. The treatment creates new tissues (Histogenesis) to make the toes longer. Therefore, the new tissues make the toe longer just like how a simple cut can be recovered naturally.
I have heard that it is possible to take a piece of bone from the pelvis and simply plant it on the part that is needed. Do you guys do that?
We do not practice the implanting surgery. We can explain couple of professional reasons, but first we avoid the injury from removing a piece of bone from the pelvis. Second, making the patient to grow his or her bone naturally is more effective and simply better than implanting. Therefore, we intend to avoid implanting pelvis bone. Very rarely, in the case where the bone does not grow well, we can practice the implanting surgery, but that kind of case is very rare.
Do I still need to get a surgery even when I can walk like others and function daily activities?
People who feel this way do not need to get the treatment. However, after treating and observing many patients, majority of the patients were treated not because of the functional issues. Most of the patients were treated because of the aesthetic reasons. Only the one with the short toes or fingers would know about one¡¯s stress and how important it is to have normal toes or fingers.
Does the hospitalization takes long time?
Hospitalization takes 2 days and daily activities are able right after the surgery. People with jobs can go to their work normally right after the treatment. Students are recommended to attend school after the surgery.
Do things differ for individuals?
Of course! Because humans are not machines, individuals can have differences. However, the most important fact is that it is curable.