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I got injected from other hospitals.
At Rapha Medience, there are people who say this a lot. If we were to name an example, one of the patient has been in a big hospital that anyone would know the name of. His shoulder hurt too much and the doctor from the big hospital told him that his shoulder tendon was ripped and after testing him with MRI, told him that surgery was the only way. However, the patient was an elder and even had diabetes. He was also afraid of surgeries. If he was get the surgery from the hospital he would have had some benefits, but because of the fear and the pain of the surgery, he came to Rapha Medience instead. After several times of Prolotherapy, he is fully recovered. He now plays golf and do other sports and has no effect on his daily activities. From looking at this case, Rapha Medience hospital fixes patients who were not able to be treated. But the person has made one request to our hospital. Because he is a staff member of a very big hospital, if people find out that he has recived the treatment from Rapha Medience hospital, it would be a problem for him. Because of the request we are not revealing his name or hospital that he works for. Please understand the problem.

Some patients take all kinds of medicine and supplements to treat their back, knee, shoulder. Some patients take pain killers and anti-inflammtary meditations as well. Professional Prolotherapy purposefully create beneficial inflammation to treat the problems, but the pain killers and anti-inflammtary meditations inhibits the inflammation for healing. We, Rapha Medience, do not use pain killers and anti-inflammtary meditations We do the Prolotherapy professionally and effectively. We highly encourage people to be not tricked by commercial medical services that would simply rob your money without curing you.