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Do you fix bow legs in closed shaped or open shaped?
We were asked if we treat in closed shaped or open shaped few times. This is very confusing question. It is because surgery for open shaped or closed shape is not for treating bow legs. This is practiced when treating ༺ . When the purpose is to treat ༺ , it can be cured by or м . This is not when the purpose is to treat the bow legs, but rather the purpose is to treat ༺ . Therefore the question about treating in an open shaped or closed shape is not applicable to the bow leg situation. The answer is that its neither. The treatment for bow leg has a purpose merely related for aesthetic reasons. Since it is creating a cosmetic line for the lower half of the body, its neither open nor closed shaped treatment. If I was to make up some words, surgery is practiced with the concept of digital reconstruction to create the most beautiful line of the lower half of the body. It is not simply open or closed, so the terms cannot be applied in this case.
Can this be really fixed?
Because of the regulations, we have not been able to provide the pictures of before surgery and after surgery to people who live domestically. However, we have been providing pictures, explanations, and more information to the ones who live internationally. It is unfortunate that we are only being able to provide limited information to the ones who live domestically. But bow legs CAN be fixed!
I am afraid of surgery, are there any alternatives to treat the problem?
Actually, if it was possible to cure this without a surgery, there is no need to go through the surgery. Often, there are people who do not even have specialty in this area and claims that it is possible to be fixed through supplementary tools or physical therapy. It would be wonderful if this was true, but it is impossible to treat the bow legs without going through the surgery. Biologically it is impossible to correct the bow legs by fixator or physical therapy.
Does it need to be corrected?
Certainly not everyone who has bow legs need to go through this surgery. If the one with bow leg is satisfied with ones life and the look, the one does not need to go through the surgery. People with the bow legs intend to hide their legs. They are stressed out about the fitting of their clothes and going to swimming pools or any kind of exposure of their legs. When these kinds of people had gotten their legs corrected, they were inexplicably satisfied. Only the ones who went through this would know the feeling.
After getting the legs corrected normally, is there any problem about exercising?
After getting the legs corrected normally, there is not a problem about exercising. It is not problematic for the one to do sports as a hobby. Even professionally playing a sport is not a problem either.
Do you do general anesthesia?
Surprisingly among patients or guardians, people believe that general anesthesia affect their bodies very affectively. Surely, anesthesia will only be practiced by the ones with specialty on the anesthetic practice. By going through the Pain Clinic, we will provide the most comfortable and less painful anesthesia for during the surgery and after the surgery. We mostly do not use general anesthesia for this treatment anyway, but even if the general anesthesia will be required for the certain individuals, professional anesthesia practitioner is on the duty so there is no need to worry.