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How long do I need to walk with the crutches.
People usually need crutches for 4 to 5 months and they gradually decrease the use of crutches.
How soon can I schedule the consultation plus operation.
I would recommend you to visit 2 months before your estimated operation date.
If you are busy, please visit at least 6 weeks before.
Can I schedule the consultation and operation to be on the same day? (I hope to minimize the number of trip). if yes, any suggested appointment dates?
You can't do consultation and surgery at the same day.
I measure your whole structure and design my surgery plan.
I also have to check whether you could be the surgical candidate or not.
As you said you are healthy and athletic, I don't think there is a problem for surgery. But I have to check in detail before surgery.
Everybody has the different structure and I have to set plan according to the each individual. I also have surgery schedules and have to check when your surgery is possible. I recommend you to have a trip for consultation and it needs just one day. After a consultation, you'll be in my surgery schedule and you can come on the day of surgery or the day before surgery according to your flight schedule.
Any suggested length of growth after the first operation?
There is no specific suggestion for the length of lengthening.

I have lengthened short people for 20 years. The average length of lengthening is 7 cm. But I don't want to use the word "suggest" because it is variable.
The amount of lengthening depends on many factors such as surgeon's expertise, treatment process, patient¡¯s age, flexibility, compliance, patient's resolution, tolerability , available time and so on.
Therefore it is not right to say there is one answer or there is only one consensus of suggestion.
What is the total budget I should prepare for the whole process of including operation, consultation, and others?
The total budget is very hard to calculate because there are many variables. I think I can give you more and detail information when I see you in person; we have some simple tests, and we can inform you how to proceed your surgery schedule.
How long should I plan to stay in Korea?
First, you can decide healing treatment course in detail, then you can decide the staying period in Korea. Here¡¯re so many variables in lengthening. Therefore you must have a thorough consultation with me when you visit my clinic.
How soon can I schedule to have the operations? What documents do I need to bring along?
I recommend you to schedule a visit to my clinic for a consultation about two months before your expected surgery; you don't have to bring any specific document.
How long is the operation? As my desire is to grow by about 10 cm, does the operation need to be repeated several times to obtain my desire height?
I don't think you can make your height 10 cm in one session of treatment.
If you really want to make your height taller about 10 cm, probably you need two sessions of treatment. But, two sessions of treatment are not routine for all short people. It depends on how you think about your height and how you feel about your height. It also depends on your treatment course, your time and your expense.
Will I immediately look taller after the operation, while I know time is needed for my bone to heal? How soon can I walk after the operation?
No, your height is same as before your operation. I hope you understand the procedure from my website; the lengthening starts after some period, usually 10 days after surgery.
You will be taller gradually and you can walk after the surgery. I usually let the person walk one day after the surgery.
So you can walk with some crutches.
Can I go through the operation at this age? (45years old)
I think you can. But I must check you before I decide to go to the operation. I've experiences of
operating much older than your age. I mean 50; I treated 40 patients for several times. So you can
do surgery in your age. But I told you as before, I must check you before scheduling your surgery.
I was told that you cannot walk for 1year if you get the surgery. Is that true?
There is no way that you will be unable for 1 year.
Actually patients from Rapha Medience practice standing and walking on the very next day after the surgery.
There is no need for patients to stay in bed for the treatment period. Actually patients will do many exercises for recovery program.
Therefore being unable to 1 year is simply nonsense and is wrong.
I am afraid of the complication what should I do?
After practicing surgeries especially on limb-lengthening for 20 years, this is the question that I hear the most. First, I would like to present to you the correct and accurate information. Limb-lengthening surgery is not a treatment that infects the patients with complication whenever it is practiced on the patients. Actually, the doctors who treat patients with limb-lengthening help the ones, who have gotten complication because of other reasons, to be cured with complication. Because of this reason, just like other areas, surgeons with lots of experiences are critical for limb-lengthening surgeries. For example, patients who are looking for heart transplant surgeries would go to the hospital that has experienced the most of the transplanting surgeries. Why is this? This is because the patients believe that the doctors with the most experience would practice the surgery well and believe there will be the least side effect of complication with the experienced doctor.
Rapha Medience Hospital has been practicing limb-lengthening for 20 years. For all the surgeries, there are risks for an affect or complication. Therefore, the best way to reduce the risk is to receive the surgery at the most experienced hospital and by the best doctor who knows the most about the surgery.
I was told that simply going through a limb-lengthening surgery provokes complication. Is that true?
Generally speaking, all the treatments that hospitals do have risk of provoking complication or side effects. For any treatments or surgeries, we cannot say there is 100% guaranteed safety from any kinds of threats. Even when patients take medicines they are in a risk of getting complication. No one can be 100% safe from complication or any kind of side effects when they are going to hospitals. Therefore, there is a risk for complication or side effects for any kinds of surgeries or medical treatments. However, neither a limb-lengthening nor deformity correction surgeries are more likely to provoke the side effects or complication. Limb-lengthening surgery is actually a surgery that would help the patients who have suffered from complication in the past. This is proven by the examples of Rapha medience¡¯s doctor¡¯s past patients for 20 years.

Thus, limb-lengthening deformity correction surgery instead of being provocative surgery for complication is rather a helpful surgery for difficult diseases such as complication. However, this is only under certain conditions. Just like for other surgeries, only experienced doctors will be able to practice the surgery and will be helpful for the patients in variety of ways. Therefore, if one receives a surgery by a professional doctor with specialty on the surgery the risk will decrease by incredible amount. (if there is any problems during the procedural process it will be solved easily when treated by the professional doctor) Therefore, rumor saying that limb-lengthening provokes complication often and easily is not true.
I heard that if I receive limb-lengthening surgery, bone would be stretched. Then, this would be a problem because skin and tendon would not be stretched. Is this true?
Only people who do not fully understand about the surgery would say this. This is a big misunderstanding. Limb-lengthening surgery is not a surgery like pulling a rubber band. If someone pulls a rubber band and lets it go, it would go back to how it was shaped originally. If limb-lengthening was to be stretched as the concept of a rubber band, the limb would not grow and would go back to its original shape and cause many problems. Even if it was to stretch like rubber band, it would be to thin anyway.
Limb-lengthening is not a surgery that is like simply pulling to stretch it. Limb-lengthening is based on the concept of histogenesis. It creates new tissues and cells on the parts where the correction or stretch is needed to be applied. Therefore, if someone claims ¡°the bone grows and stretches, but skin and tendon does not,¡± this is a claim that is made without the understanding of the treatment. For the convenience, people say ¡°lengthens limb¡± or ¡°lengthens height,¡± but actually the surgery creates new bone, tendon, skin, nervous cells, tissues, and even hair. Therefore, limb-lengthening is a safe surgery based on histogenesis that grows new cells and tissues.
I was told that limb-lengthening would result a long period of hospitalization. Is that true?
This depends on the treatment: it can be one day or 2 weeks. But there is no hospitalization that requires several months.
Are there people who do not qualify for the surgery?
Patients with disease that prevents them from histogenesis, making new tissues, would get the disease cured first. Also for people who have severe mental illness do not qualify for the surgery. For more specific information please come in and get some testing done to see the qualification.
I was told that lengthened bone is week. Is that true?
This is also answered by someone without full understanding of the surgery. Limb-lengthening is based on the histogenesis, making new cells and tissues, bones, and etc. These followings are natural structure and body parts, but how can these be especially weak? The bone is same as the bone that has grown naturally so it cannot be weak.
I was told that the bone weakens as it ages. Is it true?
This is also answered by someone without full understanding of the surgery. This would be correct if an artificial bone was placed. However, Limb-lengthening is not involved with fake artificial bones. They are one-hundred percent different stuff. Why a natural bone would weakens as time goes by? Grown bone is same as natural bone.