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Isn¡¯t Prolotherapy simple reinforcement injection for the tendon& Ligaments? How can this treat so many patients with Disks?
Prolotherapy is not simple tendon reinforcement injection.
The tendon stick to the bone, bones create joints, in joints there is muscle that makes cartilage and joints move together. Prolotherapy treats all of these areas where the main cause of the problem exists. It will only work when it is specifically and accurately treated in the right area. Therefore, without knowledge of expertise on anatomy, this treatment is impossible.
I was told that if the Disk was exploded, I had to get a surgery.
This is a misunderstanding of non-medical doctors and a lot of medical doctors. If the disk was exploded and is sticking outside, it is surely an extreme case of a Disk. However, our bodies have the capabilities to get our Disks back to normal and gain back healthy lives. If proper Prolotherapy by an experienced and professional doctor is practiced on the patients, they would recover fully and have healthy lives. However, there is very rare case. The exceptional case would be that Disk progressively paralyzes the function of getting rid of human waste and malfunction the recovery. Under this kind of rare exceptional case, surgery is needed.
How can Disk be fixed with out a surgery? Isn¡¯t it temporarily alleviating the pain?
This kind of misunderstanding is perceived by many doctors and non-medical doctors. People who never had back pain often gets diagnosed by MRI with degenerative arthritis or Disk. This shows that the main cause of the Disk is not judged by the back pain according to the testing.
If the patient gets the surgery under that case, one will get rid of the Disk if one actually has one. But patients often complain about the new pain and inconveniences. Also even if the Disk was the main reason of the back pain, it can be treated with Prolotherapy to fix the main cause. Prolotherapy simply fixes the main cause without taking out the Disk.
I got injected from other hospitals.
At Rapha Medience, there are people who say this a lot. If we were to name an example, one of the patient has been in a big hospital that anyone would know the name of. His shoulder hurt too much and the doctor from the big hospital told him that his shoulder tendon was ripped and after testing him with MRI, told him that surgery was the only way. However, the patient was an elder and even had diabetes. He was also afraid of surgeries. If he was get the surgery from the hospital he would have had some benefits, but because of the fear and the pain of the surgery, he came to Rapha Medience instead. After several times of Prolotherapy, he is fully recovered. He now plays golf and do other sports and has no effect on his daily activities. From looking at this case, Rapha Medience hospital fixes patients who were not able to be treated. But the person has made one request to our hospital. Because he is a staff member of a very big hospital, if people find out that he has recived the treatment from Rapha Medience hospital, it would be a problem for him. Because of the request we are not revealing his name or hospital that he works for. Please understand the problem.
Some patients take all kinds of medicine and supplements to treat their back, knee, shoulder. Some patients take antiphlogistics as well. Professional Prolotherapy purposefully create beneficial inflammation to treat the problems, but the antiphlogistics inhibits the inflammation. Us Rapha Medience do not use antiphlogistics. We do the Prolotherapy professionally and effectively. We highly encourage people to be not tricked by commercial medical services that would simply rob your money without curing you.
Can all of my damaged places be fixed? Rapha Medience hospital is not a hospital that do surgeries, but can I still be fixed? I have a lot of places that hurts.
If you did not know, the head doctor of Rapha Medience hospital, Dr. Young Uck Kim, is a professional surgeon. He does Prolotherapy NOT because he does not know how to do surgeries. If you request for a surgery, he would practice the surgery on the patient. But the reason why we do Prolotherapy is that patients come in because they were told that surgery was the only way for them to be cured. Because we do not use any unnecessary medicine and cure patients most effectively patients introduce others and people come to our hospital, Rahpa Medience.
Do I have to bring MRI testing when I am coming to Rapha Medience hospital?
If you can bring anything, bring everything you can bring. It is still fine if you do not have anything to bring. What is more important than testing like MRI is the experience and expertise of the professional doctor.
Has Rapha Medience really treated many patients?
Yes we have treated numerous of patients. Dr. Young Uck Kim is booked with still so many patients that he often miss his lunch time. He has already treated many patients for not one or two years, but almost 10 years. Thus, there are so many patients who come in after witnessing their friends or acquaintances being cured. The part about fixing numerous of patients is a fact not an exaggeration.
Can you guarantee 100% that I will be fixed?
There are no treatments that gurantee 100% success rates. ¡°At least, you can say that if a professional doctor starts a treatment, you can almost say that this will be cured.¡± No doctors would say this. However, patients should trust the experience and professional doctor for the best result. The success rate has been very high and we would like to help you as well.
I have doubts that I will be cured at your hospital¡¦.
We cannot force you to not doubt us. We recommend you to make choices based on your convenience. But we have fixed thousands of patients not hundreds who were told that they could not be fixed at other places. The result proved that Prolotherapy is not a treatment that fixes the main cause instead of alleviating the pain of the patients. However, the choice is the patients¡¯ and we encourage the patients to make convenient choices.
After getting a back surgery, I have terrible pain. Can this be cured with injections?
The Prolotherapy that Rapha Medience do is not a simple injection treatment. We investigate the main cause and analyze to choose the best method to help the patients. We have helped many patients who came because their surgery has been hurting them for many years.
Is Disk only curable with surgery?
Surgery is not the only way to fix the Disk. If the patient sees the Prolotherapy section, one will find detailed information why patients do not have to go through surgeries to free themselves form the horrific pain.
Did you really fix people who were supposed to be getting surgeries?
Yes it is true. Rapha Medience has treated many patients who were told that the only way to treat their back was surgeries. Dr. Young Uck Kim from Rapha Medience hospital, has seen patients like that for 10 years. If he has failed to fix those patients, there is no reason for him to be treating so many patients for 10 years. There are testimonies of people in words and videos.
What is Prolotherapy?
Prolotherapy is a treatment that makes the recovery process faster.
It is found to say that Prolotherapy recovers damaged tissues such as bone, muscle, tendon, cartilage and etc. It provokes the human natural recovery ability to fix the damaged area. It is significantly different from steroid or Hyaluronic Acid injection.
Why is Prolotherapy effective?
Pain comes because of weak tissues. Neck, back, and other skeletal frame¡¯s pain comes from weakened tendon and ligament. Almost all of the pain and cause comes from ligament and cartilage. Prolotherapy is a treatment that fixes this kind of the main cause. That is why this is the most accurate and effective treatment. Also it is the safest and there is no side-effect because it enhances the natural healing ability. This was already practiced since 40 years ago by George Hackett. It has the scientific evidence. It is not a treatment that has no scientific evidence and verification. From 1999, Dr. Young Uck Kim was the first and the only one who has went through the training program of Prolotherapy Hackett Foundation in Asia.
What kind of disease are treated with the Prolotherapy?
The area that prolotherapy treats is very wide. If we were to introduce the representative cases, it would be like this.
a. Degenerative arthritis.
b. Meniscus tear
c. Chondromalacia
d. ACL and PCL tear
e. Spinal Stenosis
f. Spandylo Listhesis
g. Cevical headache
h. Cervical Disk
i. Others
It sounds like it can cure almost all kinds of disease, isn¡¯t it too exaggerated?
It would be hard to believe in the beginning, but it is revolutionarily helpful to the disease shown above at the answer section of the previous question. This was already practiced since 40 years ago. It has the scientific evidence. It is not a treatment that has no scientific evidence and verification. From 1999 October to approximately 2000 October, Dr. Young Uck Kim has treated about 900 patients. Not 90 patients, but 900. Within one year he has treated 900 patients. Because of numerous of patients experienced incredible benefits from prolotherapy, they introduce and come in for the treatment until now.
What is the science behind the treatment?
This treatment is based on the accurate knowledge of anatomy. Many certain medical substances are sued to inject it on places such as spine, shoulder, legs, and tendon and etc. It reinforces the cartilage and tendon. Since it cures people by enhancing the natural healing ability, there is no side effect for risk of developing complication. For more information, come in and consult with the professional and experienced doctor.
What is the advantage of Prolotherapy?
First the treatment effect is excellent. Prolotherapy treatment is not involved with injecting any sorts of painkiller to cure the problem. After Patterson doctor from University of Wisconsin, has started the therapy for 6 months, the successful rate was 87.5 %. It was aleady close to 90%. This shows that it can be a lot higher after time goes by. Dr. Young Uck Kim at Rapha has recently treated 700 patients and has recorded 90% successful rate. The doctor is a professional surgeon, but after treating patients with Prolotherapy, he has discovered many cases who thought they needed surgeries can be fixed without surgeries. It also has no risk of getting side effect or complication so this is an excellent treatment.
Second, there is almost no chance of getting side-effect or complication. (this is only true when it is practiced by the doctor with excellent anatomy knowledge. Third, there is no need for expensive testing such as MRI and CT. This is only true when it is practiced by the doctor with expertise on the subject matter. Fourth, one can maintain normal life or excersing habits during the treatment period. In other words, one does not need to rest at home after the treat..