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What is chronological age, calendar age, skeletal age, and also hormonal age?
There are chronological age, calendar age, skeletal age, and also hormonal age that is mainly affected by sexual maturity. For example, you can be aged 10 based on calendar age, but 12 and half on skeletal age. You can also be 11 and half, but 10 on skeletal age. Our hospital, Rapha Medience, measures the skeletal age precisely. Measurement of skeletal age is the difficult part for everyone except professional medical doctor with specialty on children’s growth. We measure both of skeletal and hormonal age and predict the reasonable height and provide the right type of treatment based on the calculated data.
How do you predict how tall is my child going to be?
The most important factor that determines the child’s future height is growth plate. If the growth plate is opened, there is a possibility that one can grow. If not, there is no chance for one to grow. One must know this through a simple test ran by professional medical doctor. If the growth plate is closed, one cannot grow taller. Unfortunately, the one cannot grow taller without surgery. If the growth plate is open, the question is “how tall can I grow?” Very often, people ask about the calculation method for growth prediction.

However, this is very inaccurate method for calculating one’s future height. Because of numerous of possible variables, idea of the calculation method is not statistically accurate. It is a method that temporarily satisfies one’s curiosity and not scientifically or statistically proven.

The most accurate calculation method that is available so far is to measure the skeletal age and calculate the remaining skeletal life to measure the remaining growth length. Skeletal age for each child can be calculated through some tests that are run by professional medical doctors. Also some people ask “what is the optimal age for the child to be tested?”

When does our child needs growth treatment?
Obviously, there is not anything that children’s growth clinic can do when the growth plate is closed. Also children’s growth clinic cannot help enough when the child’s growth plate is about to be closed. Therefore, it is better for the child to start early. This is because the potential for the child to grow taller is greater when the child is younger. Generally, we recommend the period before puberty, for male, would be 3rd to 4th grade in elementary school, and for female, would be 2nd and 3rd grade. If the child is older than 4th grade, next best option would be from 5th to 6th grade.

How do you determine the treatment period?
The principle would be that as long as the child is growing, the child should be treated and watched over under the professional medical doctor. It should be at least 6months, but more the better.
Please tell me what helps for growing taller!
What do you have to eat to grow taller?

It is parent’s universal wish for their children to eat all kinds of food diversely and do not become picky about food. However, some children simply gain weight and not grow taller or do not want to really eat so much and weigh too little. Some children eat and exercise right, but does not grow. Why is this happening? How should I feed them? Before I should give an answer, let me tell you some of the stuffs that are inaccurately spread out.

a) My child grew because he or she ate or drink something!
Certain food itself does not help one to grow. For example, because there is a claim saying that “milk helps one to grow,” there are some people who drinks milk whenever they can. This does not mean milk is bad, but I am simply saying it is wrong to believe that certain food is some kind of magical medicine and overdose it. It is NOT true that you grow taller based on how much of the certain food or drink you consume.

b) What should I do then?
Everyone is born differently. Not everyone can be accessed with same kinds of food to produce the best result. We have to feed the right type of food for the different individuals that fit them to outcome best result and great health.

Do you grow taller if you play certain sports?

Good amount of exercise is helpful.
Surely, sports help growing children in growing and developing their bodies. However, we do see some examples that are exaggerated because of sports is somewhat helpful. We had a patient who played basketball until very late every night because someone simply told him that playing basketball helps in growing. Playing sports helps one to be healthy, but we should not be obsessed with an idea saying that playing sports would help one to grow. It is right that playing sports would help, but it does not mean that the amount of playing sports is proportionate to the height that one will eventually grow. It is recommended to do exercises under professional medical doctor for better result.

Some people claim that if we use tools that help one to grow, we can grow taller. Is that true?

There is no tool that will help one to grow taller as you use the tool. There has been news already about this kind of exaggerated advertisements so we should be careful. Instead of chasing after some kinds of marvelous theory, patients should be after common sense and doctors’ guidance.

But some child that I know of has grown a lot after taking some oriental medicine!

Some child growing a lot in certain period needs to be analyzed in many kinds of perspectives. We need to know in what phase the child was in when he or she grew a lot. What kind of characteristic was showing when the child was growing in the period. Also we need to see what the remaining growth length is after the period. People often misunderstand something especially helped a lot while the child was going to grow a lot during the period anyway.

I was told that one can grow taller by using growth hormone.

You can benefit from growth hormone. However, not every children react from growth hormone. If the growth plate is closed, or the child has started the second stage of growing period after puberty, it is hard to expect a good result from growth hormone. It is normal to give growth hormone when the child is around 11 or 12. We recommend to start when they are around 7 to 9.

Also the skeletal age is different for individual, so professional medical doctor needs to determine the usage of growth hormone.

You can use growth hormone, but an idea of saying “you can only use growth hormone” is wrong. We have to decide the treatment type scientifically and professionally based on the medical doctor’s analysis, not based on some kinds of rumors.
What should do for people who do not have disease, but stress out because one’s short?
We recommend in two categorize those types of people in two ways and recommend differently.

First case would be people who are short, but who do not mind so much. We generally do not recommend treatment for people like this. Parents should encourage their children often and help them to focus on their studying so they do not become obsessed with their small height. This is because if we start the treatment, we recommend at least 1 year of treatment. Also a lot of devotion is required for the treatment. Therefore, people who are not concerned with the height so much do not fit the treatment.

Second case would be for people who seriously stress out about their children’s height. This is when the parents are worrying bout their children’s future because of the short height. If you believe your child’s height is a lot shorter than average height of the children’s friends’, you should bring your child to a hospital and get some consulting done. A lot of cases, children might be stressing out as well, but not showing them. We recommend treatment for people like this.
What kind of people should look for children’s growth clinic?
People who are not growing because of some kinds of disease should come to children’s growth clinic. People with achondroplasia, metabolic disorder, growth hormone deficiency, or premature growth plate closure by trauma need treatments. We recommend you guys to be seen by specialists like us.
How can should I grow taller?
1) How can I grow taller?
We first need to see if the student is obese or not. Worldly, the ratio of people with obesity is increasing. It is already seriously spread and our country is also in some serious trouble. We should treat obesity completely. From treating children’s obesity, we can help prevent adult diabetes. Young children think that they can fix from being overweighed by losing some weight, but do not overcome of being short. Based on the newest statistic, the average height for South Korea for men is 173.6 cm and for women, it is 161.1cm. After some period of time, height has increased overall.

2) At Rapha Medience children’s growth clinic, based on the newest statistic we provide prediction, counseling, and treatment for children’s height. Often people ask “how tall can the child grow?” In order to help your child grow tall, you would need professional help and guidance for right type of food and right usage of growth hormone. Also obesity due to lack of sports should be treated as well. When we say sports, we do not mean sports from some kind of sports center, but right type of sports that help one to grow taller and fix obesity.

3) At Rapha Medience children’s growth clinic,

4) Based on professional doctor’s decision, we should determine if the child is stop growing due to the precocious puberty. Sometimes we need to analyze for the sign of deformity of growing skeletal structure and other diseases, which affect growth of children.

5)정신적으로 혹은 사회적으로 정서가 박탈되면서 아이들이 성장이 안 되는 경우도 있습니다.
그 외에 내분비 질환으로 성장호르몬 결핍증이 있다든지 갑상선 호르몬 저하증이 있다든지 생식선에 발생이 안 된다던지 드물지만 방유 코티코이드가 과다하다든지 부갑상선 호르몬이 저하된다던지 남성, 여성 호르몬이 과다할 때에도 성장이 되지 않습니다.

6) We cure innate growth delay.
7) Because of natural circulation of carbohydrate, protein, and other nutrition is problematic, the growth can be affected.
8) You can have problem growing when the growth hormone level is declined.
9) Opinions that one can suspect about low level of growth hormone.
A. You are normal and healthy, but abnormally short compared to the average height of your age.
B. Based on your age, your growth rate is very low. (Ex. From age of 3 to puberty when you grew 4 cm yearly on average)
C. 변경사항 없음
D. If you have a disease that you chin is getting smaller.
E. asdasdsad
F. When you have a tumor on your brain.
G. When you accuire hypophysis’s level is low, you can grow little.
H. asdasda
I. When you are too stressed out, you do not grow.
J. Children with problem breathing in sleep have some problem with growing.

10) Child obesity is can become a principle for developing precocious puberty. If you want the child to grow taller, you need to fix obesity as well. Children with obesity usually lack activities and puberty comes early. Also they do not grow tall as much as they want to. Therefore, at Rapha Medience clinic, we actively and proactively treat obesity and help the patients grow taller. Based on our survey, men’s dream height is 185cm and women’s dream height is 167cm. In this growth clinic, we analyze the problems for different individuals and find the right type of treatment for each different individual.

I would like to describe the procedure of growth clinic.
First, we see the patients and give them counseling about their future height. Because we, Rapha Medience, have a history of treating many patients with this problem, we give accurate data.
We have growth plate all over our body. From those growth plates, the most influential one is the one located on the lower half of the body. Out of the growth plates located on the lower half of the body, the growth plate located on the knees and the one between calf and thigh are the most important ones.
Second, we go through more deeply and analyze the reason why the person is short.
Third, based on scientific and accurate analysis, we find the right type of treatment for different individual. People who are in this category probably need growth hormone.
A. Shorter than your friends by 10cm.
B. If you grow less than 4cm annually.
C. If you are one of the shortest kids in school.
D. If you always feel fatigue and never exercise.
E. When you are not growing so much, but also have problems with eyes and headaches frequently.
F. When you eat a lot, but do not grow so much.
Growth hormone usage must be under professional medical doctor. It is safe treatment and needs at least 1 year of investment.