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Did you really fix people who were supposed to be getting surgeries?
Yes it is true. Rapha Medience has treated many patients who were told that the only way to treat their back was surgeries. Dr. Young Uck Kim, from Rapha Medience hospital, has seen patients like that for 10 years. If he has failed to fix those patients, there is no reason for him to be treating so many patients for 10 years. There are testimonies of people in words and videos.
IsnĄŻt Prolotherapy simple reinforcement injection for the tendon? How can this treat so many patients with Disks?
Prolotherapy is not a simple tendon reinforcement injection.
The tendon stick to the bone, bones create joints, in joints there is muscle that makes cartilage and joints move together. Prolotherapy treats all of these areas where the main cause of the problem exists. It will only work when it is specifically and accurately treated in the right area. Therefore, without knowledge of expertise on anatomy, this treatment is impossible.
After getting a back surgery, I have terrible pain. Can this be cured with injections?
The Prolotherapy that Rapha Medience do is not a simple injection treatment. We investigate the main cause and analyze to choose the best method to help the patients. We have helped many patients who came because their surgery has been hurting them for many years.
How can Disk be fixed with out a surgery? IsnĄŻt it temporarily alleviating the pain?
This kind of misunderstanding is perceived by many doctors and non-medical doctors. People who never had back pain often gets diagnosed by MRI with degenerative arthritis or Disk. This shows that the main cause of the Disk is not judged by the back pain according to the testing.

If the patient gets the surgery under that case, one will get rid of the Disk if one actually has one. But patients often complain about the new pain and inconveniences. Also even if the Disk was the main reason of the back pain, it can be treated with Prolotherapy to fix the main cause. Prolotherapy simply fixes the main cause without taking out the Disk.
I was told that if the Disk was exploded, I had to get a surgery?
This is a misunderstanding of not only non-medical doctors but also lot of medical doctors. If the disk was exploded and is sticking outside, it is surely an extreme case of a Disk. However, our bodies have the capabilities to get our Disks back to normal and gain back healthy lives. If proper Prolotherapy by an experienced and professional doctor is practiced on the patients, they would recover fully and have healthy lives. However, there is very rare case. The exceptional case would be that Disk progressively paralyzes the function of getting rid of human waste and malfunction the recovery. Under this kind of rare exceptional case, surgery is needed.